Discover how to move beyond whatever is holding you back from being a confident and successful presenter!

A culmination of 30 years of learning and teaching, this beautifully insightful book explains that courage is the means to developing confidence and stepping up as a successful presenter. 10 Seconds of Courage is a simple yet profound approach, available to anyone wishing to address the age old “fear of public speaking”.

Containing 10 key principles, 10 Seconds of Courage travels from the basics (such as use of breath and body language) to deeper, more specific lessons, that deal with your negative inner voice, address external influences and mentor you to develop a mindful and purposeful approach to presenting.

You will find yourself “in the moment”, learning the lessons and confidently moving forward with 10 seconds of courage because 10 seconds is doable!

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Natalie Cossar | Author of '10 Seconds of Courage'

About the author

Natalie Cossar has a single mantra she lives and breathes – courage and giving are the key to a satisfying and rewarding life, and conversations are the way to achieve this. Natalie works with organisations and individuals who want smart, quick and easy principles to boost their courage, and establish their credibility as confident communicators.

In 1986, Natalie became the youngest female instructor in Australia for Dale Carnegie’s Effective Speaking and Human Relations course. Natalie lives with her husband and two children in Melbourne, Australia.

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